How I Pivoted from a Running a Business Blog to Becoming an Artist

I’m super excited to re-launch this blog. It’s been on my to-do list for quite sometime. In 2018, I pivoted from running a business blog to becoming an artist and running a creative business. It has been an interesting journey. Welcome to BLE Blog!

So how did BLE start? One random day in 2016 on the streets of Lagos, I went on my regular evening stroll thinking of a blog name –  I wanted a unique and special name, something I cared about and something that describes me. Exploring and freedom – those two words resonated a lot – having the creative freedom to live the life we deserve.

Anyway, back to the stroll. After meditating for a few minutes, three words popped into my head – Breathe Live Explore. I called it out over and over to be sure it made sense! And it did! I felt it. Oh yes I did and nothing ever made a sound meaning to me. Got home and wrote it down, slept over it and I knew that was the name. Next day I checked for domain and it was available..Viola! Let the work begin.

It didn’t start as an art page. Actually, it started as a business blog (haha) and eventually to include travel. But why business? I have IT and business background and I enjoyed helping people get solution to whatever they needed. On many occasions, my friends and I would sit and brainstorm on strategies and business ideas and models for hours. I thought –  why not create a blog for Millennial Entrepreneurs by summarizing business tips and guides into infographics?  I remember infographics used to be the trend then, so I put together articles for entrepreneurs to easily read useful articles on their phones on one page, beautifully designed.

Aha! a friend sent this throwback recently – a snapshot of an article he posted on his Instagram few years ago.

Anyway, a lot of energy went in…and time too. It was gradually gaining traction, until one day, there was server issues and all the content wiped off. I had no backup. Everything was gone.

Fast forward to late 2018, the creative and art side of me popped out again!  I’d say it was a good and worthy pivot – BLE became all about art (and the name made even more sense to me). Started learning illustrator, (in-between got a job that lasted for only 6 months, haha) Launched my first 6-months planner in July 2019 and quit the job in December. You know what? I’m glad I made the decision!

Here’s Breathe Live Explore’s small home studio in Lagos, NG.

It has been an amazing journey and I am looking forward to sharing my experiences, behind-the-scenes and inspiration with you! I hope you’ll enjoy this creative journey as much I do!

P.S – backing up files is always on my weekly to-do! Haha


Always Breathe Live and Explore,


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