Practicing Mindfulness Everyday

These last few months have been extreme. Finding a balance seems so difficult and it started to tell on me physically and mentally. So I told to myself to really take care and take things slow. I’ve been deliberate on practicing mindfulness everyday and I thought to share some with you.

Setting out clear boundaries:

  • I make sure when I have my meals, I don’t think of work or use my phone (to enjoy every mouthful)
  • When it’s work time, no phones close. PLEASE
  • I try to take at least one hour break in-between work to cool-off
  • And yes! Setting times for checking and responding to emails (this is a tough one because I HATE seeing the Bold ‘Unread’ highlight)

Another major one is reducing screen-time. Screen-time has been annoyingly too much lately that it makes me SCREAM! What I’m doing instead are:

  • Making sure my phone is far from me when I go to bed so that its not the first thing I pick up when I wake. (I have a non-smartphone for emergencies). Spending more time to meditate and think in the mornings feels so good.
  • Painting everyday even if its just one stroke. I find it very relaxing and helps me recharge. I bought some more paints and books over the weekend. I started to paint the Adrinka Symbols – (West African Symbols usually found on pottery and fabrics) and I can’t wait to make some patterns with them.

One more thing – I make sure I actually sleep in bed; and not falling asleep on the couch from working.

How are you practicing mindfulness everyday?



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